Tuesday, October 1, 2013



Omelet of 2 eggs, with 20 g melted cheese, pickled cucumbers and one slice of whole wheat bread

delicious omelet

A cup of coffee (with a tsp stevia sweetener)


5 olives

50 g cottage cheese


Tuna steak (120-140 g net)

A slice of whole wheat bread


One apple


75 g chicken breast

100 g mixed vegetables



A banana

A yoghurt (simple or what you like) – around 120-150 ml

20 g cereals

An espresso


An apple or kiwi


4 olives

20 g cheese

Tuna steak (around 120-140 g net)


An orange


70 g grilled chicken breast with Mediterranean salad (grated carrot and beetroot, 30 g feta cheese with topping – mix of honey, mustard, sunflower seeds and olive oil, one tbsp. of each one)



Omelet of 4 egg whites

Omelet of 4 egg whites
A banana

A coffee


Un apple


Tuna (120-140 g net)

One slice of whole wheat bread


100 g mushrooms (cooked in water with salt) with 30 g feta cheese


65 g chicken breast

60 g rice

One orange



Omelet of 4 egg whites

One slice of whole wheat bread

A yoghurt

An espresso


An apple


25 g feta cheese

70 g tuna

3 olives


An orange


A portion of chicken with paprika-sauce (a portion means around the dimension of your palm, 1,5-2 cm high – depending on what you make of: if you are using chicken breast than cut the breast in pieces, if it’s made of chicken limb, than you’ll eat the upper “thigh” part of it, of course without skin).

One tomato



Omelet of 3 egg whites, 100 g mushroom, a few chopped paprika pieces and 30 g cheese

An espresso

Omelet with mushroom

An apple


Mediterranean tuna salad with one slice of whole wheat bread


An orange


A portion of musaka and one grapefruit

Saturday and Sunday

If you resisted till now, than you probably had enough of not eating what you have always been eating before and also have a lot of cravings. Everything is all right! This is the first part of the meal plan, where one of the rules is: don’t stress yourself! You don’t have to feel anxious because on Saturday and Sunday you can eat whatever you want, you’ll just have to respect some rules: try to eat something every 3 hours. That thing, whatever it is must not exceed the dimension of your palm or what you can grasp in your palm. For example: if you desire salty, roasted peanuts, than you may eat it, just first grasp in your hand some, eat that quantity but not more. So, take it out and put in a bowl, sit by the TV or wherever you desire, and eat what you could grasp. If you sit down with the whole package and swear you won’t eat a lot that is not gonna happen because especially while watching TV you may eat 2 kg without even observing. Of this reason, it is better if you sit somewhere and eat the peanuts meanwhile concentrating on their taste, and not on TV. Eating while your senses are occupied with hearing and seeing they won’t concentrate enough on the food you are ingesting and afterwards you may have a feeling that you didn’t even eat it…but you did, and calories don’t forgive. Never!

You have a lot of choices: pork steak, again it must not exceed the dimension of your palm.

If you opt for spaghetti the quantity is what could fit in a soup-ladle.

If you want a cookie, than eat a cookie, but resume yourself to only one piece.

If you eat anything, like chips, tortillas, peanuts, biscuits, etc. this must be considered as a meal, not a “dessert” after or snack before. So, after consuming any of these, you’ll have to wait 3 hours to eat something again. Of course you can drink water, tea, but no juices, nectars, or anything that contains calories. The rule is available for sugary juices, beverages also. If you opt for them, you have to think of them, as a meal. And then you’ll make your choice to eat something nutritious, or waste a meal with something that will only make you feel even hungrier afterwards and doesn’t have any nutritious value.

3 hours before bedtime you won’t ingest any food.

You may eat desert, instead of a heavy cookie…

Healthy dessert

An orange, one kiwi, half of a banana, one tablespoon of whipped cream and two pieces of dark chocolate. One grated, the other one on the side.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Rules of the week for the meal plan

This meal plan is for two weeks. You’re going to eat maximum in every two till three hours. If you eat as many times, the sense of hunger may not occur, but even it does, you’ll be able to deal with it, because you’ll know you’ll eat again in just an hour or so. If you are not hungry after three hours, still eat. Doing so you will teach your organism that there is no need to store and preserve, because it will get food all the time. Avoid eating 1-2 hours before bedtime.

You can drink coffee and sweeten it with one teaspoon brown sugar.

If you feel hunger make a hot tea, you can sweeten it with one teaspoon of sugar, if you feel to, or eat a small to middle sized apple, orange or half of a grapefruit.

Tuna can be replaced with chicken breast, tilapia grilled, the quantity remaining the same.

If you think, that you won’t have time to clean an orange or a kiwi at work, do this at home, cut in pieces, put in a box, so you can quickly eat it with a fork at the office.

Meal plan for health and silhouette

Before you start:

   Before you start you’ll have to sit down and meditate a little, think and understand that “dieting” is something stupid. In the moment you think about starting the diet, it probably means, that it is not just your imagination, but you really have some extra pounds to get rid of. So, that also means that you don’t count between the lucky few, to whom is very difficult to get fat…because there are also people like that…. So, if you were able to pile up those pounds once, you’ll be able to pile them up again. So why diet? You wanna look good the rest of your life or two weeks?

   “Dieting” doesn’t exist. The idea is not to hunger yourself a few weeks, in which your desire for all kinds of food items increases in such a measure, that you’ll transform yourself in a huge green scaled dragon, which at a certain point will decide to go after the beautiful princess from the palace and kidnap her. This story in your case transcripts itself, in you going and attacking the fridge and kidnaping everything that is inside. So, obviously it is not a great idea making the yogis and the Somali jealous. We will avoid to hunger ourselves and we will not let weeks pass by without eating some of our favorite food items. The point is not to eliminate them, but to regulate when we eat them, and how much we eat from them.

   The meal plan should have a balanced carbohydrate/protein/fat rapport. It is not important to consume every single day the same proportion of these, because we want to avoid our organism getting used to something, because in that case the fat loss goal may be pushed further away. Days may and must vary, because also we are not the same every day. Our mood can differ, our thinking, so our food need.

   What it is also important is, getting used eating more times a day, accelerating your metabolism. High metabolism = more optimal calorie burning = long term weight loss. What we ingest, we consume, we don’t pile! We do not make a diet, we live this way and period! Also we do not expect huge results after one week. Think that one week is nothing compared to the years, you got that fat on yourself! You needed a long time to get fat, don’t expect to get lean in no-time! It will happen that is for sure, but not one week after another. When? This depends on every individual. Some are more receptive, some are less, but eventually we all see result.

    Changes begin to happen after two weeks, and two weeks are really not a long time. When you are living “the normal way” two weeks fly away, you don’t even notice, so don’t. To get used our systems with new things takes a long time, we are the slave of our habits. We do have some stupid habits as well, and we stick to them no matter what. Actually not certain food items are the problem, (they may well exist, because there are a lot of things on this world that exist and we just don’t care about them), but our love towards our habits. For example chocolate by itself, is not a problem, the problem occurs only in the moment when you begin to relate eating it to happiness. Once your mind made this association, is like a mafia in your head, everything is related to everything, nothing is what it seems. But we learn all this in our childhood. When the grandma gives a cookie, if the kid does something right, than she plants the seeds in the child’s mind of associating sweets with laudation. Cookie = certificate of merit. You made something good? Than eat something “good”. You are sour? Than eat something sweet! Our parents educated us in this sense, but also they were victims of their parents, and so on. So the habit is not even only in your life, is related to our evolution, generation after generation. Breaking it is not easy, but also not impossible. Is sound scary, but losing a war can occur by underestimating the enemy!

    Have you ever seen something valuable that is easy to achieve for everyone? What everybody can have doesn’t count between major revelations, discoveries or successes. If everybody had Lamborghini, it wouldn’t mean such a big thing, would it?

    Just don’t expect that after you ingest junk food for thirty years, suddenly you’re going to start to sing “hallelujai!” in front of the altar of broccoli for instance… or in front of a plate of broccoli…

How do some bodybuilders become so huge?

    Men or women, some bodybuilders have gorgeous muscles. Some may like, some may not, more or less, but one thing we have to admit, if it is not very-very extreme, everybody looks with envy on those great bodies.
    How do they achieve that awesomeness? How is it possible for some women, to gain that much muscle, and not to put fat on the problematic “womanly” areas?
    Lets’ star from the beginning: what is muscle building? How does a muscle “get big”?
   The muscle’s “getting big” action is called muscle hypertrophy, and it means that the skeletal muscles increase their size due to stimuli. Hypertrophy occurs as a result of training – anaerobic exercises- and the right kind of nutrition.

     For men is somewhat easier to build muscle, because of the testosterone hormone of which men produce higher quantities than women. The difference is pretty much, as males produce between 300-1000 but females female between: 15 – 70 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL = this is the unit in which laboratories measure testosterone levels). So, as with laic eyes, is also easy to observe, it is pretty obvious to tell the big difference between the two sexes.

     The testosterone is a predominantly male sex hormone, which is responsible for guys looking the way they do: developing the sex organs, muscles, bones, body hair, deepening of the voice, etc. So, the fact that men have a more muscular body, with narrow hips and wider shoulders, stronger arms is determined by the testosterone. For woman to achieve the same, meaning wide shoulders, back, muscular arms, narrow hips is difiicult, because they don’t produce the sufficient testosterone hormone to make them look like that. And here comes the question, how on earth get some women so “manly” bodies anyway?
      Well, one thing is a fact: it doesn’t happen as a natural result of going three times a week to the gym. Nor would you get the result going every day to gym, for 5 years. So, the subject women, who desires a muscular body , when does not get help from nature, she’ll get it from the “pharmacy”. (men also rely on steroids to make body changes occur faster and have literally “bigger” results)

      For a woman, to get very muscular, must be administrated some “help”, for example anabolic steroids, which contribute to achieving the male sexual characteristics, a more apple-shaped body, skeletal muscle growth, deepening the voice, body hair growth. Some of these, like a certain muscle growth is welcomed, but sadly, this is a package and you are allowed to buy only en-gros, that means, you as a woman, can achieve a great biceps, you won’t be that much predisposed anymore to having the muffin-top, but also may get hair all over, thickened vocal chords and so on.

      Some people do rely on steroids, mainly because achieving anything in the natural way takes long time, and genetics together with nature also make certain achievements impossible. 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

What to eat when you have cravings?

   Are you going through a hard period in your life? Are you stressed? You are having your menstrual cycle? Whatever the reason, you have craving. What to eat when you are having cravings? Do satisfy your urge of sweet, to give a fulfilled feeling to your stomach, but not to ingest too many calories nether?

    Here is a great recipe for something sweet!

Banana/peach milkshake

You’ll need the following

     -juice extractor

     -half of a banana, cut in pieces

    -half of a bigger peach or one whole smaller one, cut in pieces

    -sugar substitute “stevia”

    -cold milk with 1,5% fat 2 dl

Extract the juice of the fruits.
Put half of the milk, one teaspoon of stevia in a glass and mix with a nescafe mixer, so it gets some foam.
Mix the juice with the rest of the milk and one more teaspoon of stevia. Pour this over the foamy milk and serve it with a straw.
This way, you will consume around 300 ml (10 oz) of sweet and healthy drink, that will make your stomach feel full and will help serving your sugary drink craving, by consuming only 180 calories.

Cravings due to being a woman

   For women losing weight, keeping it off, building muscle is much more difficult as for men. The women’s body puts a certain kind of bull-headed resistance to getting lean and ripped. That’s why is so hard, and it is especially so hard on the specific “womanly” regions.
   Our body just doesn’t give a damn what looks good, what is aesthetic or what our rational mind would like us to be. Everything is just about the survival of the human race and nothing else. When I was younger, I have been thinking that certain “muffin top” is due to over eating and that’s it. Well, I wasn’t wrong in that, but I must affirm, that it is not the whole truth, only a part of it. Yes, our organism does “deposit” fat, because we ate more than what we would have needed to cover our daily activities, from an energetic point of view. But why the heck does it deposit almost in one single place? If those 10 pounds would be equally distributed all over, starting from your little toe, through your calves, till your arm, shoulders, including every body part, we wouldn’t even notice it. But when it settles only on your hips or belly, it becomes annoyingly visible.

   And then starts the “diet”, not eating or low-carb diets, or other forms of self-torture, to get rid of the bump from wherever the certain woman is genetically predisposed to accumulate the fat, and after comes the sharp conclusion that it will start to come off from everywhere you wouldn’t like it to come off from, maybe your boobs will get smaller and you’ll become looking like a skeleton from waist up, meanwhile, your thighs and butt stays firm whit it’s fat. Or, if you are the other type, your waist will stay large and abdomen fatty, but your legs will become like two sticks. Of course there are some lucky women, who are very proportionate and get fat all over and also get thin equally from everywhere. But their number also isn’t so numerous.

    Why does the fat deposit itself around your hips/butt/tummy? Easy. Because you are a woman, supposed to have babies and that is just the area where they form. The uterus, where the fetus develops is inside. So, Nature was thinking, how to protect “future generations” better during development ?! And Nature was thinking and thinking and came up with an ingenious solution: what is the best thing that protect our organs, inside stuff? Ok,ok muscle…but, when you think, of gym classes at school, what was the thing that was used for some exercises keeping you not to hit yourself? That’s right! Mattresses! And why? Because they are puffy!
     My mother told me, that when she was already 8 and a half moth pregnant with me, she stumbled and fell. She was very afraid that I was hurt or will have some problems, because it was a big fall, and she ended up like a big frog on the street, but eventually I wasn’t hurt and didn’t affect the fetus or the pregnancy at all. Why is that? How can that happen? It can because Nature does take care of these situations. Just imagine, how many times have had been hit or fell the prehistoric women. Our race wouldn’t have been survived this well, if women and fetus would have been so fragile. But because Nature’s ingenious solution of many protecting layers functioned so well here I am and here we are. Have been for that the fat necessary? It wasn’t the only thing but it played a role, just like everything else out there. Everything is linked and forms a chain. That’s how the chain is strong, otherwise it would fall apart.
     Our empirical problem is that we don’t live in the Paleolithic anymore. Modern women can rest, they don’t get attacked, (at least usually), saber toothed tigers don’t chase them and many of us don’t even want to have children, but that is some modern choice and Nature didn’t hear about it yet…
     Although the “exemplification” may run wilder as our smilodon, it is true. “That” hard headed fat, that tough stuff of yours it is very hard to fight with, because your organism is biologically and evolutionally programmed to lie in ambush and wait every second of your life, to “over-eat” and immediately it will store it, of course, for worse times (because that’s what fat is, deposit of extra energy, that you may need at some hard, starving point in your life) and it will deposit it exactly where you hate it more, because you are “doomed” to have children and be a woman.
     This is the reason, why it is so hard. Keeping the fat off your system requires stamina and a will power of a mammoth (as we still look like in the prehistoric period). Fighting evolution is hard, mainly because the stuff has been going on since around… hundred fifty thousand years…and the idea, that the muffin top is not esthetic is relatively new with its fifty years. You know… 150 000 against 50. With 150 000 dollars you could buy a house, with 50 bucks you can’t even buy a quality pillow… you get the difference, right?

      But we are strong women and resist. We struggle to eat right, to work out…at least most of the time, but Nature again has something else, a hidden card in her sleeve and she’ll play it right. After 2-3 weeks of doing everything right and resisting the temptations something comes along which will turn your world up-side down and somehow destroy almost everything you did, to gain that dream figure of yours and that is, the menstrual cycle. This is also just as womanly, as the muffin top and belly fat and another thing you just can’t get rid of.

     As a first step, in the majority of the cases before even starts, you will be struck by what the scale says. Suddenly you will be with two pounds heavier than before due to water retention. Afterwards, this will most likely increase due to farther water retention and due to a larger calorie intake. Yes. Because you may watch what you eat and generally be very motivated, on that particular week you’ll just lose that ability and will have heavy sugary and salty food cravings, where you’ll eventually through in the towel, because it is just too damn hard to fight against your hormones, against nature itself. Ingesting sugary stuff will inevitably lead to weighing more, also eating salty foods will contribute to water retention. Water retention will cause you being heavier. As a result, the whole process will lead to some weight gain, but only because of you eating more and eating more of the “wrong” stuff, but the water retention will vanish in a few days, and you’ll regain your normal weigh. So, don’t get disappointed because of the first few pounds and try not to say: “I can eat, because now anyway it doesn’t matter”, because two pounds are only water…what above that comes may be something else…
     The bad news is, that anyway you fight, you’ll make only your life bitter, because in this time your organism just craves and period. The only thing you can do is to limit the cravings and substitute chocolate with grapes or chips with some puffed cereals. From two till four pounds depending on the person is normal. The fat gain, can be around half, till one pound, which in one week you can get rid of, when you’ll return to your normal lifestyle.

     The most important thing here to remember is not to panic and end up eating everything, “because it doesn’t matter anyway”, because it does matter.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The risks of over ingesting protein

    Protein is a basic “ingredient” of your body, cells and also an important part of your nutrition. It may come from products of animal origin or fruits and vegetables. A well known protein source is meat : the best are turkey and chicken, tuna, salmon, but we can’t ignore the dairy products, such as milk, cheese, yoghurt. Fruits with protein content: dried apricots, dates, figs, prunes, avocado, blackberries, raisins, watermelons, bananas; vegetables: beans, broccoli, spinach, soy, lentils, peas; all kinds of nuts and seeds: almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, etc. As you see, anything that you eat, in smaller or bigger quantities contains proteins. So, you don’t have to worry about not eating enough, because it is practically impossible not to eat them, even if you embrace a vegetarian lifestyle.
    I hear a lot in the gym, that I should consume 2-2.5 g of protein per kg of my bodyweight. Well, I began counting the calories and found out that is like a circle made by the devil, because if, let’s say you have a 1500 kcal goal, and want to lose some kilos, and you are 65 kg, that would mean, that you would have to eat from between 130 and 162 g of protein a day. Well, that is enormous, because you have to stay in that 1500 kcal range. As a result you will probably eliminate fruits and vegetables and mostly nuts and seeds from your meals, because fruits have a lot of carbohydrates but a relatively small amount of protein, the vegetables that mostly contain protein are also high in Kcals and seeds and nuts although have proteins, also have a great caloric value. So, you will probably reach to meat, because meat has 25-30 g of protein per 100 g, and because you wouldn’t probably be able to eat meat all the time, and would like some fruits from time to time also, you inevitably will have to rely on the protein powders, because they have a very reduced caloric value but huge amount of protein. For example a protein isolate may have 30 g of protein to only 100 g of kcals. Well, that is something you will never find in nature. And then, the big producers of any powder out their got you right there, where they wanted.
    But wait and just think about nature. Do you really think that if we would need such a great amount of protein, God wouldn’t have created the fruits and vegetables also with bigger protein content? Why is than that only certain foods have it, and the majority of foods don’t? Or do we think that nature is absolutely non-sense? Even if you go to the gym. How many of us do we train so many times, with such an intensity and for enough time that such an amount to be justified? The common mistake comes from the fact that protein is a building block of any live organism and then after the logic of a five year old, it is assumed, that the more you consume of it, the bigger your muscles will become, because the amount of protein eaten will somehow go and “put” itself on your biceps, for instance. If it would work like that, than anything would be sooooo easy. A lot of arnolds and cutlers would walk around. But they do not work like that. As I wrote in my other article about protein, a reasonable recommendation of the American Dietetic Association and International Society of Sports Nutrition recommends 0.8 g/kg for average people and 1.2-2 g/kg bodyweight depending on the activity for sportsman. That would mean for a 65 kg individual around 50-60 g of protein if he or she is an average person and if is a sportsman we are talking about 70-130 g, depending if the practiced sport is endurance (than should be close to the lowest level), for strength training the intake should be closer to the higher amount. Why is like this? Simple. If you do not have such a great muscle activity, you also will have nothing you would have to repair with the protein. Remember! The proteins main characteristic is to build, and only as secondary it is used to fuel the body with energy. (For that we use more carbohydrates). If you feed yourself with excessive portions of protein it will be deposited as fat, such as anything else. But fat is still, if not in very large quantities, it is not life-threatening, but over-consuming protein can be from other reasons. Over-doing something means that you also over-solicit your organism by having to digest it. Meat, for example stays 6 hours in your stomach. Just try it: eat meat for lunch and you’ll see that you won’t get hungry as soon as if you would from some kind of vegetable. So, you didn’t even digest one meat, you would put some more in your stomach? Everything you have, may that be your leg muscles, your brain, your hair or your nails, they need rest. You can not put pressure on your leg all the time, because they will get tired and will start to ache, maybe you will have problem with your knee joint also, you can not iron your hair all the time, because if you do, it will lose its brightness, the ends will split and brake easier, you can not wear nail polish all the time, otherwise it will dry your nails and maybe they will split easier also, becoming yellow meanwhile...
    So, everything you do, you have to make breaks time-to-time, otherwise the organ will get tired. A split nail won’t cause you much besides some anger, but a sickness in your stomach, liver or kidney, of any kind it may be, it is much more serious business.
    Yes, protein builds in some sense, but whatever the quantity is, it will not all end up becoming muscle. When you want to blow up a mountain, you’ll need a certain amount of dynamite, if you want to blow up a little hill, you’ll need a much smaller quantity. The same it goes for muscles. If you don’t have them, anyway you kill yourself in the gym, and eat tubs of protein shakes, it won’t make you “go big” in no time. Hard, long work and genetics does.

Ingesting food as a mental substitute for happiness

    "I have kids, so I am happy", "I have a great job", so I am happy, and I don’t care that I meanwhile look like a hippo. Some say that, but do they really mean it or they say it loud to find a reason, an alibi why they really look fat and ugly? I don’t know how somebody of a family happy can be, but from a job, no way, in the latter I have experience in. A few years later, I read somewhere, that don’t “get married” with your work, cause it won’t bring you no glass of water when you’ll be sick. And so true, it is. But why get sick at first place?
     In our life we the most important thing is, to keep some kind of balance. This is the hardest thing to do. We all have ups and downs. Sadly our mental state does reflect itself on our body, also on our well-being.
     I heard someone, say, that fat people are happy. Great, if they are that happy, why do they eat that much? In the moment they start a diet, don’t seem as happy anymore…does that mean that they were happy at first place? Or that happiness was only related to food? If so, how can somebody, whose happiness depends on only one thing be called happy at all? Feeding is a physiological need, just as going to the toilet or drinking water. Would you call someone happy, who likes to shit?
     Eaters are like smokers or any other addicts. Smokers are often attacked, I don’t even mention drug users. They are scorned, they are all the time spoken against. But what happens with fatness? Yes, we acknowledge that it is unhealthy, we also acknowledge the fact, that would be better not to be obese, but it is still considered to be a tabu in adult conversations. If a group of friends, or just acquaintances, even newly met people allow themselves to take the speech against for example smokers, and immediately someone starts to smoke a cigarette give lecture about how unhealthy that is, but if someone at the table is obese, everybody just shuts up. Nobody would mention the fact, being polite and don’t wanting to hurt the person’s feelings. So, we are allowed to hurt the smoker’s, alcoholic’s and drug user’s feeling, but we are not allowed to hurt the fat guy’s feelings? Because he or she is already in a bad shape or depressive maybe? (This may not be the happy fatty from above) But does anybody think that somebody uses drugs because he’s so hell of a happy guy? Or the difference would be, that on a drug user or alcoholic at first glance you can’t tell which addiction he really has, but on a fat one is clearly visible, that the instrument of addiction is food. Ok… huuuge difference…. At least for our society, it is.
     If we would go harder on it, not with gloves it would be much easier. We wouldn’t torture ourselves as much. We tolerate in this matter just too much. I remember, my mom at every diet I begun, she would make long speeches about how good I look, how my jelly cellulite is normal, my father saying, that what do I want? My ass is just fine, because that is how a woman should look like… with at least 3 stomachs one overflowing the other, and some hips that hang down from every chair, accompanied by a jelly-but?! If we would just as a group, as a society and not just isolated fitness sites recognize that even the puffiness is just not right (don’t necessarily have to be obese) we could treat it much easier. It is not just a “little mistake” we laugh about. I’ve been down on that hill, I know, that 22 pounds can soooo easily turn into 44. You won’t even notice it, and in no time! And how much abstinence, self-denial, will power, stamina, ambition and only God knows what else is needed to shred those piled stones?! It is not a “hihi” or “ups” thing. Some people can destroy their whole life.
      I strongly believe that the matter has net been taken seriously enough. It should be taught in schools, that over-feeding is just like taking heroin. I’ve got “lightening” in school about drugs, but never about food. Neither from my parents, nor from my teachers.
    We must auto-educate ourselves in this matter. And remember, you can only treat a problem, if you recognize at first, that you have one!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Get a hobby, be inspired! Create!

Get a hobby, be inspired! Create!


       Besides carbohydrates and proteins, fats represent a very important part of our nutrition. They are tricky, mainly because of the various misleading information that circles around them, but we can not deny the fact that our body does need them. The problem is which one of them, because there are a lot of kinds of fatty acids having different physiological impacts on our organisms, they come in different forms and they can also be found in various food items in different quantities. At first glance this sound a little bit too much and complicated, but we’ll try to lighten it up a bit.
       Fatty acids group themselves in two categories: saturated and unsaturated fats.
       None of them can be avoided, because also plants and food originating of animals can contain both fatty acids. It is also not recommended avoiding any of them, contrary to some believes, we can not affirm, that one of them is 100% bad and the other 100% good. A lot of studies proved that saturated fats cause cholesterol and in this way contribute to heart disease. But this is not entirely true, because the most important factor in categorizing them in good or bad doesn’t really lose its wind in their name, but mainly in their origin. And in origin, I do not mean, if they come from a plant or an animal, but what have been the processes in which it went through before it ended up on our table.
       Saturated fats can be found in any kind of processed meats, salami, sausage liver, kidneys or other organs, fast food items, duck meat, bacon, palm oil, butter, cheese, pork, coconut, sesame seeds, cashews and a lot more. But are these all the same? It is just “whatever” if we eat a thick hamburger from the well known Macky or a palm full of dry roasted, unsalted cashews? No, it is not the same. Both contain saturated fats? Yes, they do. But the hamburger is definitely unhealthy, the cashews are rich in fibers and actually do you good. How do we make the difference then? Easy: we have to think a little bit about our surroundings to understand. Think about nature and yourself as a human being. You are made of natural stuff, meaning you don’t have any plastic parts or anything, at least when you’re born. Then you would want to support that natural system of yours, also with natural means. Nothing that is over-processed would support your system. So, if you eat a plastic bag you will not get any nutrients from that which would make you go on. I don’t advise you to try it. This is of course an extreme example, but not very far from the actual truth. You don’t have to think about, “uups, this is bad because has saturated fats!” No, you have to think about how many processes were involved till you got the thing. The cashews are picked, their shell is being taken off, they are dried and packaged. At least in gross. If the nuts would be roasted, salted, enhanced with this or that taste, they would immediately become “over-processed”, and would contain unhealthy substances. This is the way to think about all foods, the closer they to nature are, the more nutritious they are, more you can use of them for your own well-being.
       Unsaturated fats are considered healthy and can be found for example in walnuts, avocado, trout, herring. But again, this label doesn’t mean a thing, because the after process decides if the end-product indeed is good for you or not. The “best” trout could be deep fried, enhanced, conserved and become a biological nightmare. But it can also be grilled with a little salt and served with a salad and could become the healthiest meal. (Just be aware what salad…)
       We don’t have to be afraid, when we hear “fat”. This is only an unhealthy and improper correlation of two things, the fatty acids and the word fat, which in our western society is considered a negative attribute. Fats doesn’t make you fat, at least don’t make you fatter than you would be from protein or carbohydrates. If you consume more than you need, whatever nutrient it may be, you will indeed get fat. From the over-processed ones you’ll get fat very easy, from the natural ones harder, but eventually a big quantity will manifest itself.
       The three macro nutrients (carbs, proteins and fats) do exist in nature, so they represent a power source, otherwise they wouldn’t exist. God doesn’t make mistakes. In the Stone Age, 25% of the human’s meal was represented by fats. That was natural, what our ancestor felt they needed. Back then they didn’t have TV, and didn’t ingest food because they were damn bored of their life’s, just as we can not find any obese lions. Studies do show, that around 20% of our food intake should be represented by fats, 40% of carbs and 40% of proteins. There you have it. Use caloric charts, to find out about each food, what does it contain, so can orient yourself. Nothing must be 100% exact, because eating is not rocket science, but having a clue, is always good. Knowing is power, and in this case, the power over your body!

Sunday, September 8, 2013


     Fear is the greatest enemy of our happyness. Fear makes us decide hastily and to take the wrong decisions, fear is not a good friend, but like a neighbor from the other flat, who is repairing his apartment on Sunday afternoon, when you would rather lie down and take a nap than listen to the sound of a boring-machine. Fear is forced on you and you have just no escape. At least so it seems.
      When do we have fear anyway?
      We may fear our life, heights, the world crisis, God… but are these the very fears that make the average person’s life miserable? No. Usually not one time, spectacular fears do make us unhappy, but those “non-theatrical” ones, like daily misunderstandings with your co-workers, fear of losing your job, not being able to pay the credit you took from the bank, and so on… These make us nervous, these make us feel unhappy all the time, although they may not let us know that they are causing it. And in the case, when we do know, what makes our life indeed miserable, even than we refuse to take a step towards something else, something new, because we just FEAR. The past in certain, the present is too, but the present already gives us the opportunity. In this moment I can still act. This very moment in which I didn’t act or acted in the same way as I did in the past is a dead moment, and what is even more sad, that it was a wasted moment, which was wasted not toward moving to something better, but paddling in the same swamp we did before.
      A lot of questions may occur. But what is there to do? You can not change your life from one day to another?! What about your family, what about the credit? The only way out is You! The only way out is yourself! Not the credit! Not the boss! Not the husband, children, society, work, love, hate, necessity, friendship, rain, or whatever God created.
      You do know, that God didn’t create all the other things in universe to stop you or anybody else being what they truly are?! You do know that don’t you?! He didn’t create only you as a fact and all the other things in the universe just to bother you. Because that is how in this point looks like. They exist. For the fly that would like to taste from your melon slice, you are the bothering factor. You think wrongly of the fly! We are very egoistic. We do think that the whole universe is around us and there are three categories of things, the first, the best category is to make us happy, the second is to make us feel bad and the third doesn’t interest us at all. Would that be it? That means that most of the existing things are in vain. That would only mean that at least 66 % of all things that surround you have no purpose at all. Well may be, but who decides what is really in vain and what is not. Or when is that decided? Even if you decide it, how would you do that? Because today, you may not need the red shirt, but could you be absolutely shore that you’ll never ever need it? Could it be destroyed? Why don’t you through it away then? Are we happy because we do have that, and gives us another opportunity to maybe use it in the future, or we should destroy it and afterward complain maybe that we can’t wear it anymore? Or you should destroy it, burn it, through it away because otherwise, although you don’t like the red shirt, at a certain point you’ll have to wear it, and so it will keep you buying a new one, that at least for a few moments would make you happy again, thing that the red shirt could never do…because it had its time already.
        Who can say what the right thing is? The neighbor, your mom, boyfriend or the fortune-teller? Nobody, but you. You have to seek and find your answer. Let that be your answer, only yours, and take full responsibility of it. How to find out, what the “real thing” is?
        The only way to find out any answer, is to ask the question. Start asking yourself questions. At first you’ll ask irrelevant ones. But every answer will lead to another question. Dig. Dig in your own mind. This doesn’t happen by itself. Doesn’t happen automatically. You have to use that brain, God gave you, for the purpose which for, it was given to you: and this purpose is not, to make your boss happy with it, but yourself. And it is paradoxical, that although we think that the most part of the universe is actually in vain, we do use our entire knowledge to make other people’s life happier but don’t really use it to make ours “cool”. How does that come?!
        All those studies at school, university or whatever…what do they teach you? Do they teach you how to think for yourself or they just teach you how you should work for somebody? You accumulate just to make it better for mankind? Now…that is what I would call a big bullshit. Mankind is better or is anybody happier because of Van Gogh? Most of us don’t even know who the hell Van Gogh was…and of course they are very far from being happy because of him. Was even he happy because he existed? What is talent for, if we can’t use it to make ourselves happy?! “The first part of our life make our parents miserable, the second our children”… I read this somewhere… when do we live for ourselves? why don't we?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Omelet of egg whites

Omelet of egg whites, the healthy dinner!
How to make an interesting dinner…but having also, “the usual omelet”?
Why omelet of egg whites, at first place? Briefly because egg whites contain very few calories, but comparing to that, are high in proteins, and that’s also the very thing you would like to eat for dinner. How to make it a little bit crazy though?

Here’s how:

Cut small pieces a little bit of onion (1/4 % of an average size onion)

Cut about two slices of tomato and red or green pepper- cut these also in small pieces.

Cut thin slices of some kind of mushroom (it’s up to you what you prefer).

Break 3 eggs, and put the egg whites in a bowl, you may want to add a little bit of salt and pepper. Mix them.

Put a few drops of olive oil in a frying-pan, through the onion/mushroom/pepper pieces on it, mix it and stew them for a few minutes, than through the tomato pieces in, and stew for one-two minutes more. Then pour the egg whites on the vegetable mix and wait till it hardens of the already hot frying-pan.(This is again up to your taste, how hard you like it to have… the omelet of course…J)). 
Tasty omelet