Monday, August 26, 2013

Why motivation slumbers after a while?

Stamina is precious. Is like a fire, when it burns, can do a lot… but when it goes out, it is very hard to restore it! So keep it burning, don’t let it go out!
Why can it go out? Because you can not erase 25 years of habit with a few months or even a year.
Motivation is not something that happens over night or in a fraction of a second, is not a huge revelation you have after seeing a girl in shape, to whom you want to be similar to…no. Motivation is something you have to work hard for, you have to build it up and take care of, just like a baby. If you will not feed him regularly, he will die. That’s your motivation. Feed him in the morning, and noon and in the evening. That way it will grow, and make you happy. If you don t want to go to the gym, than don’t. A day or two off, lying the whole day and reading, documenting yourself, sometimes it is much better, and adds more to your progress as a lousy workout. What has to come, it will, but takes time to build the “cathedral”. Habits are like a text carved in stone, it will take a lot of rain, sun, wind to make it disappear. Your bad habits, unhealthy eating style are carved in stone, it is not impossible to destroy them, but it will take you time.
The winner doesn’t get disappointed from not winning all the time. A winner doesn’t care about losing. He will just fight more, no matter what. Think about your “bad” genetics, that they aren’t a force that pulls you back, but a strong motive to push you forward. You have the muffin-top issue going one big time on your bottom area? No shit? Then you’ll work twice as hard to crush it, and you’ll have the most beautiful ass, more round and lean as the others who were born with no such issue…and never did a thing…because they had it anyway. For example I have no idea, from whom did I get my big ass full with cellulite, because my mother had less cellulite at 40 as I had at 18. But certainly someone had it…and the sweaty appeared again in the family, naming: on me. What can I do? Fight it of course! Very little people are born nice, most of us, we have “issues”. Don’t complain, because you are not the only one. Sometimes we look at people, who achieved a lot, and say, well, for them it was easy…for me is not. Undoubtedly there are differences, but not everyone wins the lottery ether, doesn’t it? And we get sad of that? No. We keep on!
Who keeps trying at one moment succeeds. The only one who never succeeds is the one, who never tries.
Between you and a dream body stands only your mind. Your body is much easier to transform than your mind, the only problem is, if you don t change your mind, you’ll never change your physique. Never.

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