Thursday, May 23, 2013


   We can hear a lot about carbohydrates. Some are pro, others against, but what are they in fact? Carbohydrates, in their nickname: carbs. It consists of hydrogen, carbon and oxygen atoms. We distinguish: sugars, the simplest form; more complex are the starches; and the fibers represent the most elaborate form of the carbohydrate family. They can also be categorized after their glycemic index (GI). This indicates how fast it can raise the blood sugar level. After this classification the order is again the same: the simplest carbs -sugars- rise the blood sugar levels in short time, on the other hand the more complex carbs, due to their longer decomposition period don’t cause such a rapid blood sugar level rise. Also is important to know, that the lower the GI is of one food, the less it affects the blood sugar. Simple carbs all have a high GI, complex carbs a lower, from which fibers have the lowest GI.
Example of foods containing simple carbohydrates, with a high Glycemic Index: chocolate, white wheat flower bread, baked white potato, pizza etc.
Example of foods containing complex carbohydrates, with low Glycemic Index: brown rice, oatmeal, apple, grapefruit. 
In comparison: brown rice has a low GI, white rise has a high GI. Sweet potatoes have a low GI, white potatoes have a high GI. 
If you have a weight losing goal, you’ll have to aim for foods with a low GI.

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