Saturday, May 18, 2013

Body transformation at any age

  Is it possible? Yes it is, but it is going to take more than a few weeks or months. To do something for a long term you have to prepare yourself as physically as mentally, and have to truly have a reason: to understand why you do what you do. We are grown-ups. We need reason for everything. 

 We questioned God, how wouldn’t we question a diet plan? If you lived decades in a certain way, it would be from yourself very reasonable to need at least one ore a few years to get used to something else. Every existent being is the slave of habits. My dog has habits. My neighbor has habits. The neighbor’s parrot has habits. Do you really think and believe that what you did for 3 decades will disappear starting with your new diet on Monday? Will it disappear in two months? No it will not. The habits are craved deep in to your every cell. You are like stone, a carved stone. It will take a lot of water from the river of life to pour down to make it smooth again. To crush yourself? Would that be a solution? 

 No. It is a boring saying, but good things take time. They just take time. First you don’t have to diet, or do anything else, just understand this. Really, truly and deeply understand it. Don’t rush in any diet. This isn’t the way in achieving anything. You have to build up your brain, gather information, find reasons, have questions, to look for answers and find answers. You have to make your mind want not to eat 3 cookies in the evening, because it is eager to find out how it can transform itself by “tomorrow”. (This is a figure of speech, because no body transforms itself from one day to another) A diet without proper information about nutrition, health and the human body is like a house without any foundation. When the first flood comes – a stressed period at your workplace or whatever- it will be washed away. And a few months later nobody will know that anything ever has been built there…think about it.

  What is with the rush? You lived 30 years being fat and then suddenly you don’t have time anymore? It’s pretty laughable, don’t you think? Everybody comes with this term-thing. You have to fix yourself a term… Great… and what if you fail? Than you will be much more miserable and give up? Bullshit. The goal is wrong, the approach is wrong. I am going to help you find a new approach, a total new way of thinking about the “eating-issue”. Even the word “diet” is scary. Eating is eating. If you eat bullshit or the best food with a lot of fiber it is still food, and whatever you eat, a whole tub or two tablespoons, it is still eating. I don’t pretend to be any guru in Nutrition, I just tell my story, how I did it, maybe I can help someone out there who is struggling with the same issues as I did, and help them not to struggle a decade, only a year. Because I know how hard it can be, I went all through the thousands of phases of depression, frustration and self-torture, I got close to my goals and failed badly just before I reached it… you don’t need to be a rocket scientist or something remarkable, you just don’t have to give up, despite you’ll fail a lot of times. Ambition doesn’t mean you always have to win, and winners are not the people who can only win, but the ones who fucking don’t care if they fail 87 times, because they are gonna make it anyway.

 First you have to recognize that you have a free choice. With your free choice you can choose whatever you want, let’s say you want the perfect body. Good. Than, you will have to want that. If you want something, you will want it, till you’ll find a way to get it. If you read this than you probably know what you want. That is the first step. And now here I come in the picture, I will help you find the way. I will never ever show you, and say: if you go here, you will 100% succeed. No, because that is a lie. Nobody can guarantee you 100 success in anything, but you also don’t want that, because you are a fighter, and you’ll find your way. You don’t want my way, or anybody else’s way, you have to find your own path, that will be your achievement, your own success. And what can a man want in life more, than to come true due to his or her own strength. It’s like when you have the coolest car that you bought from your own work and successes, not because your daddy is rich. The letter will never ever appreciate and enjoy the car in that way, in which a guy who worked for it can.

 I never received stuff like that in life, and you know what? I don’t want to. I will work for it and show to myself that I am able, that I can. Don’t think you have to show anybody else. That is again bullshit. Most of us want to get slim because that bothers us, not our boyfriends. They may love us anyway. Beauty isn’t a guarantee for anything. I read some time ago, that the husband of Cindy Crawford cheated, well, in this case, we can really affirm that beauty isn’t a guarantee. If not, why bother? That is another dilemma we have to clear. You can do something the best way, when you are doing it for yourself. Not a gift for the guys in the neighborhood, the postman or your ex-boyfriend who left you for another. No. You have to do it for yourself. And to do something for yourself you have to respect yourself first. You have to have self-esteem, you have to appreciate the unique you.

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