Sunday, May 19, 2013

Diet and happy ever after…

 Dieting doesn’t exist. There is no such thing as “diet” and happy ever after… if that is the way you think about eating in some kind of way, you’re totally on a wrong track. There is no such thing as 2 months of cruel suffering and then a life of beauty and breathtaking slimness. Imagine: let’s say you are 35 years old. You were eating in a certain way for 35 years, and then of course you get fat. You decide that you want to be slim and start to diet. Your body is used to eating 2300 kcal every day and now you, from one day to another start eating 1200. What will happen?

 As everything you do in life, everything you want to achieve, you need a motivated mental state, ambition and a lot of willpower. Well now… you lived more than three decades without monitoring your eating habits and now suddenly you do. That requires a lot of power, extra preoccupation that your brain has to perform in order for you not to grab that package of chips whenever you have the urge for it. Do you think that only physical activities require strength? No way, man! I assure you, that running a mile doesn’t require that much willpower, as it does not eating cookies and sweets when you have all kind of urges during for example your menstrual cycle. 

 Let's say, you tortured yourself 2-3 months. You got rid of 15 kg and after it? After it, it’s over. You made it! You resisted. You squeezed your teeth, you clenched your fists and made it. And what will you do? You will reward yourself of course. Your mind is stressed, your body is stressed. There is engraved in your mind, that relaxing time comes with something to eat, chips, cookies, or chocolate…when you come home after a stressed day you put yourself on the couch, grab something that “screams of pure health” and swallow…remember, that is engraved in your mind, that was a long term habit, that is what it expects from you…will you do it? Of course you will, because you are stressed out! You are slim but not happy. Your body needs its drugs, to release all kinds of hormons which will make you feel yourself happy. The days passed by, soooo slowly…but they passed, and you made it through the three months of pure torture. You won. Also you’ll go out in a restaurant and eat, drink, and finally you will have fun! You won’t think that a vodka means around 200 kcal, you won’t think that a pizza is around 1700 kcal. Oh, no, you won’t think about all those things, because you need a break from all those stress and pressure you’ve put on yourself during those months. Meanwhile you dance or laugh with your friends over a pizza, what does your body do? Your body wasn’t that happy and won’t take your reward the way you meant it. It’s like Taz from the Looney Tunes… oh my God! It’s food! It’s food! Just think, what will it do with it? Oooo, yeah, you just won the prize! Yes, you guessed, it will put on your abdomen and hips! It won’t even think…where to put it, where to put it…. One escape? The other morning you don’t see any changes…you still look ok… well, yeah… you can afford another escape…and so it starts. Think about that micro millimeters are not visible…but does that mean that they don’t exist? It’s cruel, I know, but it is the truth. And slowly you return to your old habits, I know all too well about this, I struggled with this jojo effect many years. And so, the micro millimeters become millimeters, and those become centimeters, and centimeters …tens of centimeters… Yes. And then, you are back where you started, fat and miserable. But wait…being slim you got also stressed out and miserable… 

 What is than to do? How not to go back to the old habits? Well, the good news is that there is a way, and the bad news is, that you need willpower for it, and another collateral bad news is, that it takes time! Just take out from your head that you can’t make it. No, because you can, but in the same time you also have to get out of your head that to get slim it is a matter of months. No! No! No! Wrong. Every damn diet plan is planned for days, weeks or three months. That is stupid. I am not here to help frustrated fat brides to get in there bridal gown for their wedding that is 3 weeks ahead. I am here to help people, who have a natural good thinking and, of course, they have some extra pounds. To love chocolate is normal. To love chips is normal in this era we live in. Just look at a dog. For example my dog doesn’t like to eat its dog food, but he so gladly eats tasty fatty stuff, biscuits or other similar foods. The animal doesn’t know the commercials, he is not influenced by media. He just likes those tasty stuff…because if one thing we can say about every food item that is full of unhealthy fats and carbohidrates is that they are damn tasty. That is the way they are made. How can you not love them? And in your case you have also the commercials…media…you are influenced also by these things… than how the heck not to just love them? 

 Well, if you think that there is gonna come a time, when you would taste a KFC and say, that that is puke, well, such idyllic time will never come. It’s like pissing against the wind…what does it happen when you pee against the wind? The urine will end up on you. You can’t eliminate the means of modern life and society from your existence. Try, and you’ll fail miserably.

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