Sunday, September 29, 2013

What to eat when you have cravings?

   Are you going through a hard period in your life? Are you stressed? You are having your menstrual cycle? Whatever the reason, you have craving. What to eat when you are having cravings? Do satisfy your urge of sweet, to give a fulfilled feeling to your stomach, but not to ingest too many calories nether?

    Here is a great recipe for something sweet!

Banana/peach milkshake

You’ll need the following

     -juice extractor

     -half of a banana, cut in pieces

    -half of a bigger peach or one whole smaller one, cut in pieces

    -sugar substitute “stevia”

    -cold milk with 1,5% fat 2 dl

Extract the juice of the fruits.
Put half of the milk, one teaspoon of stevia in a glass and mix with a nescafe mixer, so it gets some foam.
Mix the juice with the rest of the milk and one more teaspoon of stevia. Pour this over the foamy milk and serve it with a straw.
This way, you will consume around 300 ml (10 oz) of sweet and healthy drink, that will make your stomach feel full and will help serving your sugary drink craving, by consuming only 180 calories.

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