Monday, September 30, 2013

Meal plan for health and silhouette

Before you start:

   Before you start you’ll have to sit down and meditate a little, think and understand that “dieting” is something stupid. In the moment you think about starting the diet, it probably means, that it is not just your imagination, but you really have some extra pounds to get rid of. So, that also means that you don’t count between the lucky few, to whom is very difficult to get fat…because there are also people like that…. So, if you were able to pile up those pounds once, you’ll be able to pile them up again. So why diet? You wanna look good the rest of your life or two weeks?

   “Dieting” doesn’t exist. The idea is not to hunger yourself a few weeks, in which your desire for all kinds of food items increases in such a measure, that you’ll transform yourself in a huge green scaled dragon, which at a certain point will decide to go after the beautiful princess from the palace and kidnap her. This story in your case transcripts itself, in you going and attacking the fridge and kidnaping everything that is inside. So, obviously it is not a great idea making the yogis and the Somali jealous. We will avoid to hunger ourselves and we will not let weeks pass by without eating some of our favorite food items. The point is not to eliminate them, but to regulate when we eat them, and how much we eat from them.

   The meal plan should have a balanced carbohydrate/protein/fat rapport. It is not important to consume every single day the same proportion of these, because we want to avoid our organism getting used to something, because in that case the fat loss goal may be pushed further away. Days may and must vary, because also we are not the same every day. Our mood can differ, our thinking, so our food need.

   What it is also important is, getting used eating more times a day, accelerating your metabolism. High metabolism = more optimal calorie burning = long term weight loss. What we ingest, we consume, we don’t pile! We do not make a diet, we live this way and period! Also we do not expect huge results after one week. Think that one week is nothing compared to the years, you got that fat on yourself! You needed a long time to get fat, don’t expect to get lean in no-time! It will happen that is for sure, but not one week after another. When? This depends on every individual. Some are more receptive, some are less, but eventually we all see result.

    Changes begin to happen after two weeks, and two weeks are really not a long time. When you are living “the normal way” two weeks fly away, you don’t even notice, so don’t. To get used our systems with new things takes a long time, we are the slave of our habits. We do have some stupid habits as well, and we stick to them no matter what. Actually not certain food items are the problem, (they may well exist, because there are a lot of things on this world that exist and we just don’t care about them), but our love towards our habits. For example chocolate by itself, is not a problem, the problem occurs only in the moment when you begin to relate eating it to happiness. Once your mind made this association, is like a mafia in your head, everything is related to everything, nothing is what it seems. But we learn all this in our childhood. When the grandma gives a cookie, if the kid does something right, than she plants the seeds in the child’s mind of associating sweets with laudation. Cookie = certificate of merit. You made something good? Than eat something “good”. You are sour? Than eat something sweet! Our parents educated us in this sense, but also they were victims of their parents, and so on. So the habit is not even only in your life, is related to our evolution, generation after generation. Breaking it is not easy, but also not impossible. Is sound scary, but losing a war can occur by underestimating the enemy!

    Have you ever seen something valuable that is easy to achieve for everyone? What everybody can have doesn’t count between major revelations, discoveries or successes. If everybody had Lamborghini, it wouldn’t mean such a big thing, would it?

    Just don’t expect that after you ingest junk food for thirty years, suddenly you’re going to start to sing “hallelujai!” in front of the altar of broccoli for instance… or in front of a plate of broccoli…

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