Sunday, June 30, 2013

Weight loss obstacles

 A lot of times, there exists one ore in worse cases more, obstacles that keep you from achieving your weight loss goal. Failing in keeping yourself to a certain meal or exercise plan is due to some kind of disturbance in your life, because in most of the cases a person knows exactly what they should not eat in order to lose weight, but no matter this knowledge he or she is unable to stick to a healthy meal plant. It is just like, when you know that you should cross the street where is marked to avoid getting hit by a car, but you anyway cross in the wrong place, and although you’ve got hit already before, you keep crossing in the same place and keep yourself being hit again and again… it sounds stupid, but it is exactly what it happens with food. You know that it is too much or too sugary, unhealthy, full of fat or whatever, but anyway you keep ingesting.  So, you do not want to commit suicide and don’t want to die, but you throw yourself down from a 50 store building anyway… you wouldn’t do such a thing, would you? We can affirm that we do know that what we eat may be wrong, but we eat it anyway, and meanwhile we dream of having a slim body.

 So, what is making you do eat what you shouldn’t? Some may say that it’s the devil, but I don’t go for this version. I would put the question also in another way. What keeps your mind getting off the track, losing the goal from sight? The question have two sides, just like a coin: what makes you do things and what makes you don’t do things? A physical obstacle? It may be, but usually it is not a disability, or some bad person, or big green dragon that would have locked you up in a tower full of chocolates…no. Usually it is some kind of mental “background” issue that grabs your attention and makes you focus on the wrong things. And stopping eating in the right time requires a strong mental state, till it becomes a habit.

Why do we become week? What is the mental barrier that keeps you off the right track? The answer is very bad news for you: I have absolutely no idea, but you know why? Because I don’t know you and your life. One thing I do know though: the obstacle is there and it is there in your life. So, you are missing an item, but you are given a big sack where 100% you can find your item. You just have to look.  In this case what would you do? Obviously you would search the bag till you find your thing, because it is there. But because things don’t talk and walk, you have to search for it yourself in order to be in its possession.

Start to analyze your life:
 Is there someone or something with which you are not comfortable with?
 Is there a certain person, event, thing which causes you to be anxious?

 Ask yourself one thousand questions. Your brain works in fractions of second. It can ask those thousands of questions in no time. The only thing you have to take care of, is to answer every single one honestly. You will find what is bothering you. You will find it if you want to find it, if you are honest. Don’t judge. Just answer. And when you get your answer, don’t say without thinking, that it is something you can not change. Maybe you already know the disturbing factor. And may be, that you just locked it up in your closet, and put the label on it as: can’t be done, or can’t be changed.

 There is no such label as “insolvable”. God doesn’t have a big printing  company where such tags are made. There isn’t! This is something you “manufacture”.  And you do it so, not when the problem really inextricable is, but just when you don’t see the solution. Because there is, and probably not just one, but from reasons only by you known, you refuse to open your mind, to widen your vision. You may have fear in your heart. Change means steps towards new. And steps towards unknown need a brave heart. God made his wonder already. He gave you the most powerful weapon that exists in the world: your mind. Is his fault that you just refuse to use it for finding new ways?

 You have to eliminate the disturbing factor from your life, because it makes you unhealthy and keeps you away from achieving your dream.  This doesn’t mean that you have to divorce your husband who loves french-fries. No. It means that you have to find a way to make yourself to be strong enough not to eat of it, when he does or eat only a very small quantity, or to be indifferent and not want it at all. Or may be a lot more variations, which for your case, your life are suitable, but may not be for me or anybody else. But non of these will work if you don’t use your mind! Make it as they do in court. First hear the whole case. Be a good judge and grand-jury. You must not be unilateral and must not judge the case before you have seen every witness and had every hearing.  After it analyze and only after it make the judgment. 

 Preconceptions never got the world farther, only sat back. It will not do you any good either.

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