Saturday, June 15, 2013

Are we equal?

 Do we store fat in the same way? Do we all get easily fat, in the same time and with the same speed? Do we accumulate the fat tissue on the same places? Do we all get rid of the fat in the same way, during the same time? And I could continue with these questions. Only one thing is a fact, namely that everybody can get rid of the bulk. (I am talking about healthy individuals, not persons with hormonal disorders or illnesses which can intervene and obstruct any kind of slimming attempt) Now, the problem is, with which kind of effort, with what kind of fight can you win over your pounds? In how long time? These are collateral questions, however they are very decisive ones, because they determine most of the time the success of the thinning-attempt: if it goes easy and fast enough, than the chances that you are going to succeed with the thing are much higher than when it takes an eternity to get rid of two pounds. But even in the almost non-existent case of sticking to a torture-diet every single day with your every single meal for a few months, does your pounds shred as easily as your friends? Or your friends friend? Well, may be… but there is no guarantee to that. And why is that?

 Well, let’s start from the beginning, not considering food, or diet or whatever similar. We go general and think: are we born the same way? Does every child-birth take place in the same way, taking the same amount of time? No. Are we born in the same kind of families? One is born in an expensive private-hospital, the other in a dirty nursing from a third world country. One is born a princess in a rich western European country, having the main job all her life, actually not to do anything (making photos with elderly people and fate-stricken African kids doesn’t count, work of smiling at photo-making in the name of the poor or sick or some similar bullshit also doesn’t count, just to fool the people). Meanwhile the other is born in an ex-communist poor eastern European country as a child of a sewing-woman, who gets paid 200 dollars for a month of daily 10 hour work. Then I ask again: ARE WE EQUAL? The hell we are! If somebody thinks that “they” , the privileged ones, also have problems, I say, that is self-delusion. If you can not decide between a Mercedes and a Porsche, that can be frustrating…but if you can not decide between a butter and margarine, because you would like the butter, but it is twice as expensive as the margarine…than we are talking about two different kind of problems. The first is frustrating, may be, but if you are so damn poor, not to allow yourself a butter weekly, than you have a much bigger issue with your life as the guy with the Merc-Porsch problem, don’t you think?

 Some people are struggling between the butter and margarine all their life. Just as some people are struggling with fat all their life, when some others never even think about it, because the issue never occurs. Also it is much easier for rich people to get and stay fit. If you can hire a personal trainer, who will motivate you all day, exercise with you, prepare your meals, etc. than you must be really an impossible chick to be fat. My mother says sometimes…”Madonna has the same age as I and look how good she looks like….and how I look like” well yeah. It is easier for her than for my mother, who works and sits in an office 12 hours a day, after goes home stressed and tired, and no personal trainer is waiting for her…this is excuse, I know. But makes also the issue much more difficult. Are we than doomed? No way man! I read a very good saying somewhere: “If is important enough you’ll find a reason, otherwise you’ll find an excuse”. Well said…even sounds so motivating. At least for a few seconds, doesn’t it? J) the fight is not always the same. Sometimes it is longer and it is accompanied by more bloodshed, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t win it! You just have to be prepared. Don’t do like the Germans in the second World War, that they weren’t prepared enough for the Russian winter, so they lost… that is why we lose, because we start without preparation. The preparation has to be well done, afterwards like the troops of solders, they must get reinforcements all the time, otherwise they run out of ammunition. Also the first losses do not mean a loss of the whole war! So, dears, do not look in your neighbors garden. That is absolutely irrelevant. One of my friends told me, that she shred a lot of pounds making the “cabbage-soup” diet. Great, I said. And what do you do? She said, that she is eating only cabbage soup. And she told me proudly, that she can eat as much as she wants from the thing, and she loses weight anyway! Holy Manna… than I asked the obvious question: and till when are you eating that stuff? Till I shred all the pounds I planned, she said. Yeah. Cool, and after that? The moment you stop with this enormous aberration, your body lacking all the nutrients you refused for such a long time, and your brain, that always wants more, that it is necessary, will conspire against you and not take the pounds back, but pile them! Or you wanna do that forever? Eating nothing but cabbage soup all of your life? Well, you could try, because if you do that, probably you won’t live so long, so may even succeed eating only that for a lifetime… if your lifetime consists of 3 years from now, for example…

 I had a friend. When she gained weight, she put it mainly on her breasts, and everywhere else very-very little. I, instead, if I put on 22 pounds, 2 will end up from the waist up, and the other twenty from the waist down: tummy and buttock. Also shredding goes shitty as well. The two from up are the firsts to go than comes the big battle… but does that mean that now, when I found a way to live with the body type God gave me I look worse than her? No way, man. Do I have to take more care of what I eat? Yes. Do I have to insist more on the gluteus exercises than her? Yes. But I had a choice: complaining of the body I have, not doing anything and looking chubby or shutting up and doing something about it. 
So, stop crying and complaining! You are not the only one who has a “huge” problem. Deep down your soul you are shy and believe you can not do it. But it is wrong. Look at Obama, even he says that you can do it. And the guy must know something, after all not everybody becomes the president of the United States!

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