Thursday, June 13, 2013

Making your weakness strength

…or how to build up a hobby?
I am a tall person. I never engaged myself in any kind of sport activity in my childhood, but grew and grew. I was borne with two melted vertebras in the lumbar region, later I developed scoliosis and lordosis, afterwards arthrosis. I began to have severe pain in my lumbar region even at an early age, beginning around the age of 12. My parents didn’t know much about my condition, although they are great people, somehow accepted it, as something normal for tall people, they also suffering all the time from pain in the lower back. Well, she “inherited” they said, and with that the issue was closed. I have never been a fan of the gym, and being young also didn’t understand what was happening with me and didn’t occur to me, that with proper exercise it could go away or at least improve my condition significantly. And also it took me more than ten years to realize it. But no matter how long it took, the important thing is that the “revelation” came finally. But it wasn’t anything spectacular and realizing that I needed to stay fit and exercise was still a long way from introducing it into my life. And this “long way” I call building up a hobby. It is like when you plant a tree. It is still a long way till it grows big, has a lot of branches and leaves and till you can rest underneath it in the cool shadow and it is able to protect you from the rays of the sun. But when it is already grown, believe me, it can protect you from sun and rain, whatever it comes, but first you have to take care of it, to water it and wait.

 Nature does not hurry, this you’ll have to learn. Anything that grows fast, too fast it is not natural anymore, and what it is not natural it is never healthy and may last also short. You are a natural thing. You need time. Accord it to yourself. You have to acclimatize yourself having a hobby, you have to learn how to have an interest for something that may not be related necessarily of making money. It may be related to your health. This is way more important than anything. In my case it was my physical condition that triggered the change initially. My friends, class-mates had no idea what a back-pain was when I was already suffering from it. Sometimes I went partying with my friends, and while dancing, from a sudden move I got so severe back pain, that I could barely move. It made me really miserable. I had a weakness that nobody else in my entourage of my age had. So, for me it was not just about looking good, it was also about feeling good. Eventually I went to the doctor. Besides, that they told me the diagnosis, they weren’t much of a help. So, I began to document myself about the conditions I had. Read a lot, tried out a lot of things. With exercise I managed to improve the shape of my spine, because the stronger muscles make wonders with bones. This approach I had also with my arthrosis.  Made a lot of mistakes, by sometimes following training programs of fitness celebs which were absolutely not proper for me, but also made huge progresses deepening my interest in the conditions, processes and reactions of the human body, till I got to the point, when after a long and stressful day at work, I am not interested anymore in ingesting a big chocolate, but I have an eager to lay down a little and read some more, to search some more, and the other day in the morning to try out some new exercises that I found, or techniques, movements that I thought about the evening earlier. And this documenting activity relaxes me more than a piece of cake would. But as you see, meanwhile I got from school, to work, so it took some time… This is in a “nutshell”, but an example of the flow of things. The trigger and development of a hobby. The trigger was the weakness, of which I was able to make strength. Look in your own life. You surely have a need, a dream, or a weakness that needs strengthening.  When you recognize it you will have to insist on it.

 I don’t have just one hobby. I have more: photography, exploring Photoshop, collecting fashion dolls, laying on the grass in the mountains, watching old crime-serials, etc. Yes, I do collect fashion dolls, which are childhood dreams. This is the reason why I am saying: look in your life and recognize, remember the dreams you had. I grew up in a horrible eastern European communist country, we had no cartoons on the TV, no nice dolls and toys in the shops. I was dreaming of beautiful dolls when I was little…and now, as I am a grown up, I do order some time to time beautiful fashion dolls from over the sea. I look for them, I order them, I wait and receive. This makes me again very happy. So I have another substitute for food.
I worked hard, because I was weak, and became strong. Some are strong and gamble it away, and become weak.

You need or miss something psychically and you are replacing this need with something physical. Your body is a body. The soul, the mind makes it to be what it is, what actually you are. 

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