Sunday, June 30, 2013

Set a date to weight loss?

 Often we put a term to our weight loss plan. We should get lean and beautiful till the first of June, for example. We’ll calculate the time…1 kg in every week…in three months, and we get a mathematically accurate result. And it should function.

 Than why do we fail so many times? Why do so many people fail than? Because although getting slim and rid of fat is a matter of mathematics, namely: you use more kcals than you consume. In theory every weight loss plan that is based somehow on reducing your calorie intake, should lead to results. The failure of the plan is due to the “metaphysical approach” of the problem. Making body changes of this kind may have at its base calculations, but we can never shut out the human factor, and namely us. Because we do have to deal with ourselves here and with our lives. We do have moods, that can occur due to a lot of factors: boyfriend left us, you go through a divorce, your period is coming, the weather gets worse, you have part of a long winter or too much rain, or lose a friend or relative, have problems at workplace, but you also may have part not just of bad things, but also have celebrations, like the marriage of your daughter, picnic with your friends, official dinner with clients and so on. No need for me to enumerate any further, because we all know how many causes overeating can have. But don’t make it count. If you get off the track and over eat for two weeks in a row and gain a pound instead of losing it, you may calculate again, that you will not be able to achieve the weight loss goal till your set date. And then what you do? You will probably start ingesting again, because it doesn’t matter anyway… because you calculated that till that damn first of June, you can’t make it now…

 What is there to do? Set the goal, not the date! If you never have set that first of June, than you could have got your dream figure till the first of July. Now, you won’t get it even till the second of October. Ignore events, wedding, party, holiday etc. You slip a little, whatever the reason, don’t worry, a week or two is not an eternity. Even a month is not an eternity. The so called “important-event” till which you wanted to look “perfect” went by? So what? You have a goal no matter the event. Yes it is welcomed if it happens everything as it was planned, but almost always gets something in the way, so not to get disturbed by different issues, take the events and enjoy them as they are, and make your fitness goal be a separate thing, don’t tie it to social events.  You do it for you, not for others. As long as you do it for others, you will not be able to dedicate yourself as deeply to it as you should to achieve success for the long term.

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