Thursday, June 13, 2013

Overeating as comfort…STOP! Get a hobby!

 The most general cause of over-eating is that we use eating as a substitute for something. This can be boredom, sadness, lack of self-confidence, etc. This is very dangerous, and when we get used to it, it is a hard battle getting ourselves “unused” from it. It is like a drug, and in the moment you start using food as a drug, it will be as dangerous as any other substance we use for making ourselves happy. Food is no better or safer than alcohol or drugs. And giving up with it is much more difficult, because we can choose, let’s say not to smoke from tomorrow, or not to drink anymore and we can very well survive, but without eating we can not. How could somebody stop using cocaine if must … but not that portion, but a smaller? It sounds stupid, because it is stupid. Society doesn’t seem to give a damn. And the world economy, not that doesn’t give a damn, but the only thing that they do in a society where most of the people are becoming overweight is, to censor cigarette ads? So, you can not see cigarette ads on the television, but there is absolutely no problem making commercials about chocolate, or huge hamburgers or toxic beverages. It is like you forbid LSD, but promote amphetamine?! By the way… did you see a lot of commercials about broccoli? No, you didn’t, because that is not the thing some people get really rich of.
 The world is so constructed, that even if you wouldn’t go to the fridge, on the TV which probably goes in the background, while you may have other activities in the house, will appear all kinds of commercials about tasty biscuits, lickerish pizzas or whatever. Those stuffs remain in your mind, and the first minute you will get bored, they will come up and make you go to the store, buy it and eat it. It is a very serious business, for the people they are making it, but also for your health and shape. Nobody seems to want to forbid commercials about food during films or TV shows. So, you are a victim. It is almost beyond human to avoid junk food and over-eating all the time. And this is the reason, why we do not have a choice. We have to incorporate the “bad” stuff in our life and meals. You can say, yes, you will eliminate everything from tomorrow. But be honest. How long will it stay? May be there are so powerful people with such a strong will, that they can achieve this. Well done for them. I don’t count myself in their group. I also believe that we, normal people, who are not so strong all the time, in every hour of every day, we are more than those. I am also not addressing myself to them because I learned, that first I have to accept myself and work out a way for ME, something that makes me do things, and not to copy patterns that may have been good for somebody else. Learn to think! This is the most important thing. By thinking you will realize. Realization leads to knowing what the problem is, and when we already know the problem we can work our way up to accomplishment.

 When you realize that you are fat due to over feeding yourself because of boredom that is already a step. There is also a lot of things you can do not to be bored. You need something that grabs your interest enough, that you are no longer interested of eating. Something, what you do, when keep doing it makes you as happy as the process of ingesting food. Some of you already may have realized this, and may have even tried doing something. Something is not enough. You need an activity that captivates your interest, with other words, it captivates your mind. Because you already realized that when you are already 160 Lbs heavy, it is not your body that craves for more and more, but your mind… This activity should be a hobby. 
 Hobbies are in some way reflections of our mind, it reflects your mind and soul that is repressed of your job, life, society, etc. But finding a hobby is not easy at all. And only having ideas of hobbies is not enough. You may have a lot of interests, but when you start to do them, some fade away with time and you will wake up one day and realize, that the hobby you supposed to be doing every other day, didn’t take place since two weeks. Well, that can mean two things: 1. It didn’t grab your interest enough and doesn’t reflect your mind and didn’t match your personality or 2. You simply didn’t allow enough time to build itself up. It is very easy to think about the first one, but usually what happens is the second. Why? Because in the moment you think about something, when a certain activity comes into your mind, it tells that has something to do with your circle of interests. You may also have more hobbies. This is even better. Because it is sometimes boring getting occupied all the time with one certain thing. Don’t be misled by the fact that you don’t want to get busy with your theoretical hobby. This is also human. We get bored all the time of everything. You need more, don’t be stuck with only one. You may like sometimes to go for a long walk with your dog, sometimes you don’t, and when you don’t than you have to have something else that keeps you again busy and interfere in your minds plans making you eat again. And why eat? Because it is the easiest. And why we choose the easiest way? Because again we are humans and we evolved being clever, finding great easy ways of doing and achieving everything. This is not bad, actually it is good, for example we evolved a lot from the “cave-man” status and have internet now. You can be on any part of the world and read this, what I am writing thousands of miles away. You can have any interest. Internet makes it much easier to find out things about the certain interest of yours. The world is really one click away. Use it. Use the opportunities human evolution gives you, use the chances and the knowledge, don’t use only the “supermarket” as the top discovery of the homo sapiens. Also it can help you not just to find but even to build up a hobby or as many as you want. It can help you find activities that somehow are related to one another. For example, I am interested about losing weight and keeping myself fit, so I have a blog dedicated to that. I bought an expensive camera and make photos with it, and then I publish them on faceboook, twitter or my blog. Sometimes I want to make a certain kind of photo, so I have books about photography, I read and learn about using the camera properly. I have arthritis, so I read a lot on the net about it, document myself, how I can improve my condition. I do write articles that you read, I document all the time, so everything I write down is accurate information, and so on. I use my interests keeping me in the shape.

  I am convinced that this is a goal for life –keeping myself, my mind always busy- otherwise other thoughts will enter and lead me and I do not want that. But all this circle of interests didn’t occur by night. It took years and months to build it up and I am going to share my own story. See the article “making your weakness strength” !


  1. Hi Vendon Erika :). I really like your blog. This entry is very helpful to me.


    1. Dear Telma, I am glad I could help, and also thank you for the feed back! :))I wish you success in achieving your goals!