Tuesday, June 18, 2013

“I hate exercise”

 The exercise issue is pretty simple and has to be related to general life. If you don’t overdo something, you won’t end up hating it. For example if you are madly in love, but spend with your lover 24 hours a day together…every single day…there is a very high risk that in a short time you’ll get bored of him. If you want a long term relationship, than give room. Don’t make severe habits, don’t force and don’t overdo. If you suffocate someone, or someone “suffocates” you with his or her non-stop presence and demands, than sooner or later you will want to quit. How do you think that exercising is something completely different than any other relationship? You want to build up a long-term relationship with exercise but you don’t give room for “him”? As a respond, it will suffocate you. So, it won’t work.

 What is there to do? Don’t try to build Rome in a day. It took a long time to build…you know… A stone house persists, a tent is flown away by the first stronger wind. Make exercise your friend. Use it when you want, but not every morning and every evening. You are no athlete. A body can be very grateful even for a smaller effort. If you hate it, it will hate you too. If you are not a friend of exercise, it also will not want to be your friend. Start for example three times a week making 30 crunches on an exercise ball, and lifting your leg laterally also 30 times. It will take only a few minutes and can be performed while you are watching your favorite serial. If you force yourself a few times in the gym, the following will happen: if you survive the attempt without injuries, than you will develop a certain “hatred towards gym” state of mind, and when you think the next day at work, that you’ll have to go “there” again, you’ll start to feel nausea and fear. It’s like you would have an aggressive husband who would want to beat you up every single day.

 To exercise in the correct way, you will have to go happy to the gym, get used to it. If your plan says that you should do 9 exercises, 3-4 sets each, but you want only 5 exercises to perform and after that you don’t feel like it anymore, than go home, and return the other day and finish, or work on other parts of your body. You must avoid to get a “forced” feeling. Think that even to brush your teeth, you had to get used to in your childhood. This is a new habit you have to include step after step in your life. I hated to wash my teeth when I was little, although it is not something I am especially in love with now, but it is something I don’t question, just do. I don’t wonder every day if I will do it or not, I know that is good and keeps me healthy and I just simply perform it. With exercise it’s tricky. You can’t really ignore the “myself” factor here. You have to choose exercises and training plan that matches your needs, not just physically, but also mentally. Are you a choleric, sanguine or melancholic person? How do you live your life? Are you always on the run? Can never stay still or you are more a meditative, low-key individual? Did you ever thought of these or you just went a few times in the gym and wondered afterwards why you failed and didn’t want to go back there ever…?

 So, don’t ignore yourself! Read about yourself, see what type you are and according to that, what needs you have. A wrong choice can do a lot of harm, because may cause some mental injuries. You may develop fear and an uncomfortable feeling towards the gym, when you would want the contrary to happen. Think about your parents, if they wanted you to do something, or generally the parents when they want children to teach something, what do they do? Yes, the bad parent gets angry after the first unsuccessful attempts of the child and starts to shout. And what happens then? Suddenly the child starts to do it extremely well? No! It gets scared and maybe refuses to do it at all or does it with no pleasure. A good parent starts to play with the child. Also a good teacher plays at the beginning and doesn’t want to force the children to do this or that, but gives them lead! The good educator does this in a way that the child doesn’t even realize but learns anyway!

 Be your own parent! Be your own teacher! Lead yourself and don’t constrain! Love never develops from fear or compulsion. Flowers never bloom because you stand near the plant and shout at it, they bloom because the weather is good. Than make your weather good! Create the atmosphere where the sentiment of sympathy towards the gym or exercising can freely unfold!