Saturday, May 18, 2013

What body type do you have?

Concerning the area where women store most of their body fat, there are two major groups:
     A. Women who store most of their body fat on the upper body
     B. Women who store most of their body fat on the lower body
Of course this doesn’t mean that they in no case deposit any fat anywhere else, this only suggests where the biggest percent of fat tissue is and also doesn’t mean that there aren’t any mixed bodies. Each big category has under categories, which I am going to present later. Now let us just focus on the characteristics (most general) of each group. 

A group – fat on upper body

 Women from this group usually don’t have a defined waistline, the waist and hip ratio is high. (See my other article about WHR – waist/hip ratio). From anterior view, the ilium bone is as wide, or approximately as wide as the femurs most lateral point. (This is also the point through which we measure the hip width). They usually accumulate fat around the Ilium bone just like a swim ring. They store more fat at first place on the abdomen, triceps (arms), chest and back area, but store little to none on the hips, thighs compared to the fat that may occur on the abdomen, they also don’t put a lot of fat on the gluteus. Their gluteus are more square shaped and relatively flat. From this body type come more women with big breasts, as from the type B. Also women from this body type usually are blessed with a better shaped calf muscle.

 Women with this body type wear different size up and down, meaning, if they need a blouse, they will buy for example size 44, but when they want a pair of trousers they will buy a size 42. So, for the upper body they need clothing of a bigger size, on the other hand, from the waist down, due to less hip width, they will need a smaller size.

B type – fat on the lower body
Women with this body type store little fat from their waist up, but they can put serious amounts of body fat from the waist down. They do have a low waist/hip ratio. This type has a big difference between waist and hips, having thinner waist but a bigger lateral prominence. The fat stores like two little cushions on the ilia, a big amount all over the gluteus muscle, and also a big amount on the sides, hips and so it goes down being less and less as it approaches the knees.This type usually comes with normal to small breasts. When I am using “big amount” I mean big when we compare it to the arm, chest and back area, where are relatively less fat deposits.

This body type has minimum one dress size difference between the upper and lower body. I say minimum, because depending on the fat the certain person “possesses”, it may wary 3, 4, 5 sizes. For example: when the person with this body type buys a blouse, she needs let’s say size 38, but if she wants to buy a trouser, she would look for size 40.

 Everybody who is reading this probably realizes that that is a very true fact, and there are not many people who are so proportionate that they could buy the same size for their upper and lower body. Why are then made the clothes like that? Well, I work in the clothing industry, and must say, the clothes are produced for a standard. They work after a well calculated ratio between every measurement our body has, because people come in so many shapes and sizes that we can’t think of individuals. As shown above, the clothing industry can’t favor one or the other body type. They make a standard model, and then the customer chooses the right size for the blouse, and the passing skirt even if that may be a few sizes bigger or smaller.

 The good news is, that 90 % of us, underneath our layer of fat we are very proportionate. May occur women for example with very wide pelvis having at the same time very narrow shoulders, but even in extreme cases, with proper eating habits and exercise it can be improved almost till pure perfection! :))

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