Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Motivation for becoming and staying fit

 What is motivation at all? Do you know what the dictionary says? Well, it couldn’t say better:”… providing with a reason to act in a certain way”… ok… and the reason, that is also a tricky thing. If you are driven by the wrong reason, you are again doomed to fail. But how can you know if you have the good reason or not? Well, dear, you will know if is powerful enough to drive you along the way, and you’ll definitely know if you’ll fail shortly you started. It is a question of elimination. With some reasons you will just fail. That of course doesn’t mean that you can never find the correct one. It just may take a while. For me it took almost a decade. So, cheer up and keep trying! :))

 We can differentiate two kinds of motivation:
              1. A triggering motivation
              2. Long run motivation

 The triggering motivation is what will start the person wanting a slimmer body, a healthier life.
 The long run motivation is what will keep the person going not just throughout a few weeks or months but her or his whole life. The triggering looks somewhat easier than the latter, but only looks like that. Why? Because it has to be strong enough to last till you get the taste, till you learn the game how to promote the healthy lifestyle for yourself all the time. You are not an advertising agency, although you have to act like one. You have to advertise the apple all the time against the chocolate. You have to be also like a politician from the opposition and always show the bad sides of the other party. Oh, my God, you would say, that sounds soooo complicated, but I tell you, it is not. You just have to find the way, and that takes some time. Now, you see, till you do that, the triggering motivation has to last! For example, a graduation reunion is not a strong triggering motivation. To get a new boyfriend also is a week one. In my other article I’ll name some motivation ideas that worked for me, and also I’ll write down some dumb ones, check it out, you have nothing to lose, only to win!

 We have a saying in Hungarian, that “the tailenders eventually will become the firsts”. That is a very good one. Just like the tale of the rabbit and the turtle. (See the example of the persons with 10 and 2 pound extra weight from the article: “What do you need for a body transformation?”)
You have to think, that what you really need to feed the whole day with big amounts is not your stomach, but your motivation. The motivation especially at the beginning is like a black hole. You just throw in, the best looking athletes, fitness models, your osteoarthritis (which you gained from the extra weight putting too much pressure on your knees, for instance…) and when you think that it was enough, it will crave for more, or, as a sissy lady, it will get upset and won’t talk to you for a while and that will have very bad consequences on you…resulting in some “delicious” muffin tops on your lateral extremities… you know the area, I believe…

 So, you can’t afford your motivation to get bored, or upset. You have to treat her like a queen, because you will benefit of that. And what is to remember, don’t ever think that it is enough. You think, last night, you looked at some beautiful fitness models, and the other day, let’s say you ate properly and had a good workout, maybe also a little cardio in the evening…the other day you worked out, ate right again…Don’t think that it is enough. Believe me, it is not so important to necessarily work out or do cardio or something every single day. It is far more important to motivate yourself every single day. Even when you feel that you are ok, you are on the right track, let’s say, since a moth. Do never ever fall in this trap. Read something about health. Read how important is for your joints to carry as less weight as possible. Read fitness magazines. Look at a documentary about Bruce Lee’s life or whatever. I made the mistake many time, I kept up with a good meal plan, exercise for about 4 months, and then due to a workplace change, colleagues, that made me miserable, a load of stress, I was able to put 13 kg (about 28 pounds) on myself in less than two months. What was my mistake? That I became just too confident. Self-confidence is good and you need for everything in life, no matter what you want to do, but staying always realistic is just as important. If you don’t recognize your weaknesses you will not work on finding solutions making eventually strength from it.

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