Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What do you need for body transformation?

It doesn’t matter that you have to get rid of ten or just two pounds. For both you need a state of mind that is going to stick with you …well, preferably forever! You can succeed in each one, but may lose both. Think about it, that one person may have some issues with 20 pounds. The other person may have issues with 80 pounds. The person, who has “only” twenty pounds to lose will manage it in much less time as the other one, who has much more struggle to put up with. The, “20 pound-Person” will diet 3 months, will get slim relatively fast (because 3 months for a body transformation is mega short time), meanwhile the other will lose the 80 pounds maybe in two years, but after two years she gets the idea, what to eat, when to eat, she makes a habit of constant motivation and “self-monitoring”. In two years, slowly she will build up a “house of motivation” with a solid foundation and she will never return, because gets used to being in a certain state of mind. And after two years she will look great, and what is the most important, will stay gorgeous, when on the other hand, our friend who had to lose only twenty pounds even on the end of her first year will regain it, because the time was too short and couldn’t get used to another lifestyle, she didn’t let her mind enough time to prepare to live in a certain way. That is why you have to come up for yourself with a damn good reason and solid motivation.

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