Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cravings due to being a woman

   For women losing weight, keeping it off, building muscle is much more difficult as for men. The women’s body puts a certain kind of bull-headed resistance to getting lean and ripped. That’s why is so hard, and it is especially so hard on the specific “womanly” regions.
   Our body just doesn’t give a damn what looks good, what is aesthetic or what our rational mind would like us to be. Everything is just about the survival of the human race and nothing else. When I was younger, I have been thinking that certain “muffin top” is due to over eating and that’s it. Well, I wasn’t wrong in that, but I must affirm, that it is not the whole truth, only a part of it. Yes, our organism does “deposit” fat, because we ate more than what we would have needed to cover our daily activities, from an energetic point of view. But why the heck does it deposit almost in one single place? If those 10 pounds would be equally distributed all over, starting from your little toe, through your calves, till your arm, shoulders, including every body part, we wouldn’t even notice it. But when it settles only on your hips or belly, it becomes annoyingly visible.

   And then starts the “diet”, not eating or low-carb diets, or other forms of self-torture, to get rid of the bump from wherever the certain woman is genetically predisposed to accumulate the fat, and after comes the sharp conclusion that it will start to come off from everywhere you wouldn’t like it to come off from, maybe your boobs will get smaller and you’ll become looking like a skeleton from waist up, meanwhile, your thighs and butt stays firm whit it’s fat. Or, if you are the other type, your waist will stay large and abdomen fatty, but your legs will become like two sticks. Of course there are some lucky women, who are very proportionate and get fat all over and also get thin equally from everywhere. But their number also isn’t so numerous.

    Why does the fat deposit itself around your hips/butt/tummy? Easy. Because you are a woman, supposed to have babies and that is just the area where they form. The uterus, where the fetus develops is inside. So, Nature was thinking, how to protect “future generations” better during development ?! And Nature was thinking and thinking and came up with an ingenious solution: what is the best thing that protect our organs, inside stuff? Ok,ok muscle…but, when you think, of gym classes at school, what was the thing that was used for some exercises keeping you not to hit yourself? That’s right! Mattresses! And why? Because they are puffy!
     My mother told me, that when she was already 8 and a half moth pregnant with me, she stumbled and fell. She was very afraid that I was hurt or will have some problems, because it was a big fall, and she ended up like a big frog on the street, but eventually I wasn’t hurt and didn’t affect the fetus or the pregnancy at all. Why is that? How can that happen? It can because Nature does take care of these situations. Just imagine, how many times have had been hit or fell the prehistoric women. Our race wouldn’t have been survived this well, if women and fetus would have been so fragile. But because Nature’s ingenious solution of many protecting layers functioned so well here I am and here we are. Have been for that the fat necessary? It wasn’t the only thing but it played a role, just like everything else out there. Everything is linked and forms a chain. That’s how the chain is strong, otherwise it would fall apart.
     Our empirical problem is that we don’t live in the Paleolithic anymore. Modern women can rest, they don’t get attacked, (at least usually), saber toothed tigers don’t chase them and many of us don’t even want to have children, but that is some modern choice and Nature didn’t hear about it yet…
     Although the “exemplification” may run wilder as our smilodon, it is true. “That” hard headed fat, that tough stuff of yours it is very hard to fight with, because your organism is biologically and evolutionally programmed to lie in ambush and wait every second of your life, to “over-eat” and immediately it will store it, of course, for worse times (because that’s what fat is, deposit of extra energy, that you may need at some hard, starving point in your life) and it will deposit it exactly where you hate it more, because you are “doomed” to have children and be a woman.
     This is the reason, why it is so hard. Keeping the fat off your system requires stamina and a will power of a mammoth (as we still look like in the prehistoric period). Fighting evolution is hard, mainly because the stuff has been going on since around… hundred fifty thousand years…and the idea, that the muffin top is not esthetic is relatively new with its fifty years. You know… 150 000 against 50. With 150 000 dollars you could buy a house, with 50 bucks you can’t even buy a quality pillow… you get the difference, right?

      But we are strong women and resist. We struggle to eat right, to work out…at least most of the time, but Nature again has something else, a hidden card in her sleeve and she’ll play it right. After 2-3 weeks of doing everything right and resisting the temptations something comes along which will turn your world up-side down and somehow destroy almost everything you did, to gain that dream figure of yours and that is, the menstrual cycle. This is also just as womanly, as the muffin top and belly fat and another thing you just can’t get rid of.

     As a first step, in the majority of the cases before even starts, you will be struck by what the scale says. Suddenly you will be with two pounds heavier than before due to water retention. Afterwards, this will most likely increase due to farther water retention and due to a larger calorie intake. Yes. Because you may watch what you eat and generally be very motivated, on that particular week you’ll just lose that ability and will have heavy sugary and salty food cravings, where you’ll eventually through in the towel, because it is just too damn hard to fight against your hormones, against nature itself. Ingesting sugary stuff will inevitably lead to weighing more, also eating salty foods will contribute to water retention. Water retention will cause you being heavier. As a result, the whole process will lead to some weight gain, but only because of you eating more and eating more of the “wrong” stuff, but the water retention will vanish in a few days, and you’ll regain your normal weigh. So, don’t get disappointed because of the first few pounds and try not to say: “I can eat, because now anyway it doesn’t matter”, because two pounds are only water…what above that comes may be something else…
     The bad news is, that anyway you fight, you’ll make only your life bitter, because in this time your organism just craves and period. The only thing you can do is to limit the cravings and substitute chocolate with grapes or chips with some puffed cereals. From two till four pounds depending on the person is normal. The fat gain, can be around half, till one pound, which in one week you can get rid of, when you’ll return to your normal lifestyle.

     The most important thing here to remember is not to panic and end up eating everything, “because it doesn’t matter anyway”, because it does matter.

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