Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Omelet of egg whites

Omelet of egg whites, the healthy dinner!
How to make an interesting dinner…but having also, “the usual omelet”?
Why omelet of egg whites, at first place? Briefly because egg whites contain very few calories, but comparing to that, are high in proteins, and that’s also the very thing you would like to eat for dinner. How to make it a little bit crazy though?

Here’s how:

Cut small pieces a little bit of onion (1/4 % of an average size onion)

Cut about two slices of tomato and red or green pepper- cut these also in small pieces.

Cut thin slices of some kind of mushroom (it’s up to you what you prefer).

Break 3 eggs, and put the egg whites in a bowl, you may want to add a little bit of salt and pepper. Mix them.

Put a few drops of olive oil in a frying-pan, through the onion/mushroom/pepper pieces on it, mix it and stew them for a few minutes, than through the tomato pieces in, and stew for one-two minutes more. Then pour the egg whites on the vegetable mix and wait till it hardens of the already hot frying-pan.(This is again up to your taste, how hard you like it to have… the omelet of course…J)). 
Tasty omelet

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Nail care

      Long and beautiful nails… isn’t just that a dream of most women? Many of us go to nail studious and apply fake ones, because their natural nails never grow as long as they would like them to have. They break, split easily and never look good.
      Nails, as everything else, they need to get care of. They don’t just “exist” looking good. Many of us don’t have very strong nails. Weak ones may be hereditary, as your hair or skin color. Somebody of your ancestors had it, and you have it too. Here, the question is not whether you inherited it or not, but what can we do about it?
      First you may take a look at your nutrition, if you are consuming enough quality food, packed with essential vitamins (fruits, vegetables, seeds, – but not roasted and salted, because these aren’t doing good, but are actually bad for your skin and nails). If in this direction things somehow look acceptable the problem must been taken care of directly, meaning not only through nutrition, so inner help but also from the outside. 

How to treat nails in order to make them look gorgeous?
Accessories for nail care
There are a few steps you need to follow:
     1.Hand washing
Although washing your hands is necessary for your personal hygiene it is not the best thing when it comes to nails. Try not to over-wash your hands. When you wash them be careful what kind of soap you are using because cheap soaps usually dry hands and nails. You may want to try soaps that are PH neutral, so they won’t interfere with your “natural chemistry”.
     2.After hand-wash
After washing your hands, especially if you used an unknown soup, or feel you washed them a lot try to put hand cream on your hands and on the nails. I am emphasizing “on nails” because many people when cream their hands, don’t pay attention and may be, that the nails get from only a little till none of the cream, which will lead to dryness and they may become easily breakable. So, insist to cream each nail on your each finger, even if you don’t have problem with all of them.
     3.There exist small hand creams that fit easily in every purse. Purchase one and keep it always in your purse. (This way it will always be at hand, when during the day it will occur to you to use it. It will take some time to get used to using it, but don’t quit, even if you use it ones a day it is more than nothing!)
     4.To use hand creams during the day for many may be not possible, because a certain work, that exclude using solutions that include some fat, or just never remembers, whatever the reason, you are still not hopeless. You may write somewhere (the fridge, by the door, etc.) to use a hand cream in the morning before you leave home and/or to use it every evening when you go to bed. This last one, in the evening should be accessible for everyone.
    5.Use a hand cream always after a shower, or bath, because than not only the pores of your skin get larger, but also your nails, which are much more permeable than your skin, become more receptive and the   nutrients, can get much better in them. If you don’t do this, they will dry even more after the contact with the water.
     6.In the evening, before you go to bed the creaming must be abundant, if you have longer nails, than don’t concentrate only on the top of your nails, but put an amount also on the inner side, because there the hand cream may stay longer, doesn’t wipe down as easily during your sleep, so the nails can get a 7-8 hour hydration!
     7.Use a nail hardener at start 2-3 times a day, after two weeks, if you start to see a difference, than it may be enough only once. But this depends how your nails react. Some may see a difference and get stronger nail faster, for some may take a while. If they got strong enough you may use the nail hardener only once a week.
     8.Do not use nail enamel all the time. Make breaks. For example, after 2-3 weeks of using make a break of 5 days, or even a week, when you cream them, use a nail hardener on the whole nail or only on the tip of them, after case. They also need to breathe, just like you need vacation.
     9.Don’t over use the nail file. Use it only when you cut them and need a little bit smoothing and when you use it, than make sure that you file only in one direction, otherwise you will make micro-fissures that may become bigger and eventually lead to breaks.
    10.And finally equip yourself with some patience, because repairing broken and nails in a poor state takes time, a general estimation is around 1 month, till they can regenerate.
Beautiful nails

Monday, August 26, 2013

Why motivation slumbers after a while?

Stamina is precious. Is like a fire, when it burns, can do a lot… but when it goes out, it is very hard to restore it! So keep it burning, don’t let it go out!
Why can it go out? Because you can not erase 25 years of habit with a few months or even a year.
Motivation is not something that happens over night or in a fraction of a second, is not a huge revelation you have after seeing a girl in shape, to whom you want to be similar to…no. Motivation is something you have to work hard for, you have to build it up and take care of, just like a baby. If you will not feed him regularly, he will die. That’s your motivation. Feed him in the morning, and noon and in the evening. That way it will grow, and make you happy. If you don t want to go to the gym, than don’t. A day or two off, lying the whole day and reading, documenting yourself, sometimes it is much better, and adds more to your progress as a lousy workout. What has to come, it will, but takes time to build the “cathedral”. Habits are like a text carved in stone, it will take a lot of rain, sun, wind to make it disappear. Your bad habits, unhealthy eating style are carved in stone, it is not impossible to destroy them, but it will take you time.
The winner doesn’t get disappointed from not winning all the time. A winner doesn’t care about losing. He will just fight more, no matter what. Think about your “bad” genetics, that they aren’t a force that pulls you back, but a strong motive to push you forward. You have the muffin-top issue going one big time on your bottom area? No shit? Then you’ll work twice as hard to crush it, and you’ll have the most beautiful ass, more round and lean as the others who were born with no such issue…and never did a thing…because they had it anyway. For example I have no idea, from whom did I get my big ass full with cellulite, because my mother had less cellulite at 40 as I had at 18. But certainly someone had it…and the sweaty appeared again in the family, naming: on me. What can I do? Fight it of course! Very little people are born nice, most of us, we have “issues”. Don’t complain, because you are not the only one. Sometimes we look at people, who achieved a lot, and say, well, for them it was easy…for me is not. Undoubtedly there are differences, but not everyone wins the lottery ether, doesn’t it? And we get sad of that? No. We keep on!
Who keeps trying at one moment succeeds. The only one who never succeeds is the one, who never tries.
Between you and a dream body stands only your mind. Your body is much easier to transform than your mind, the only problem is, if you don t change your mind, you’ll never change your physique. Never.


Suffer from discipline or suffer from being sorry!
The body achieves what the mind believes in!
The power doesn’t come from things you can do, but from things you are due to achieve.
Not eating shit and a lot is not a punishment, is a reward!
Going out to walk or do any kind of moving, when you least want to, is not a punishment, but a reward!
By eating like a pig at Christmas time you don’t give a gift to yourself, but a punishment.
If you go out of your track just for one week it is enough to fuck 3 months of  hard work.
Stamina is precious. Is like a fire, when it burns, can do a lot… but when it goes out, it is very hard to restore it! So keep it burning, don’t let it go out!